Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Summer days...

It is so hot here hovering around 38 degrees on a daily basis.
Some days are just too hot to do anything.
Too hot to crochet,
Too hot to blog,
Too hot to do pretty much everything!

But then it passes...the sun goes down and the cool, night air folds her arms around everything and blows gentle breezes filled with relief and promise of a cooler day to follow...

I know before long, these long summer days will pass....so for now I enjoy them with my children.

Today we donned our cozies, and instead of swimming in the pool, put the sprinkler on the lawn like "back in the day" and ran through it. Nothing as exhilarating as just BEING and enjoying the moment. Remembering those carefree, sweet days of childhood and reliving them with your children.

As simple as running through a sprinkler and I feel brand new today.

Why don't you try it? Try something that you haven't done since you were a child....be carefree, be spontaneous, be imaginative.



Roberta said...

Looks like you all had a BLAST! I remember those days too and the simplest times always make for the best memories. btw...don't think you'll be seeing me in my bathing suit...running through anything, anytime soon...lol

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

O how I wish it was hot enough here to run (or just walk fast) through a sprinkler!
Your photos are beautiful, Bonnie. Looks like you and your family are having loads of fun.
Take care,

Judy said...

Oh I remember those days too. Unfortunately we can't do it here anymore. Even though the water restrictions have been lifted we can only have sprinklers on in the evening. It is cooling down here at the moment......you can feel the autumn nip in the air. Our summer was practically non existent this year.

Veronica said...

Looks like fun Bonnie! Fortunately not as hot here in Gauteng as it is in the Cape at the moment, tho still hot enough for sprinklers! My son loves to dash out and run in the sprinklers when the irrigation comes on! Thanks for the reminder to go back to one's childhood! Such fun!
Love your photography!!